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Li Pigments har nu genskabt nogle af de bedst sælgende farver i REACH godkendt formel.

 Extremely Warm

Light to Dark Value: 4

Base:  Red & Orange Inorganic

A beautiful auburn eyebrow color that ages well. Good for Fitzpatrick I-III skin types with cooler to extremely cool skin undertones. Can also be used on Fitzpatrick IV-V to obtain a light chocolate color. Lighten with Brève, Beautiful Blonde or Autumn Gold. Darken with Cashmere, Dark Toffee or Ebony Brown (in small amounts).

Favorite Combinations: Blend with Sahara for a light strawberry blonde. Blend with Autumn Gold for a medium strawberry blonde. Blend with Hazelnut for a medium to dark Auburn. Blend with any eyebrow color to add warmth.

Note of Caution: Caution is advised when using Auburn alone. Pigments with a strong red base are not recommended on ruddy skin types as it could produce unfavorable results.

  • Aqua Global is our EU REACH compliant line.
  • Aqua Global is a high-performance hybrid line with balanced and stable aging. 
  • Aqua Global is thin (but not watery) and flows exceptionally well with any needle.
  • Made with a Special blend of carriers for super quick implantation and oxidation. 
  • Made with the highest pigment load possible for high retention & healed in color.  The high pigment load reduces the amount of passes and procedure time.
  • Internally balanced with our Fusion based color-neutralization technology to prevent warm or gray fading. 
  • Aqua Global is a safe, concentrated formula providing consistent and superior coverage with all techniques, needles and skin types. And those!
  • For over 30 years Li Pigments has earned the respect and loyalty of both beginner and advanced artists throughout the world. 
  • Aqua Global is "CERTIFIED" vegan and all colors are formulated from EU REACH compliant colorants and ingredients.
  • Li Pigments prides itself on over 30 years of prioritizing safety and reliability.
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